Without a doubt more info on B mer’s Gay Celebrity Dating Stories

Without a doubt more info on B mer’s Gay Celebrity Dating Stories


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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A H k Up with Burt Ward from the “Batman” Set

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The actor best known as The Cisco Kid in the 1940s and the Joker in the 1960s Batman series on tuesdays and Thursday aftern ns in the spring of 1991, after my course in Biblical Hebrew at UCLA, I often drove up to Brentw d to visit Cesar Romero. We didn’t be friends, precisely; we sat inside the living r m consuming lemonade, he had h ked up with through his career Johnny Sheffield, Tommy C k, Desi Arnaz (father and son both), Cary Grant, Walter Pidgeon, Raymond Burr, Tony Perkins, Tab Hunter, Rock Hudson while he told about the many celebrities.

And Batman and Robin both!

He’d been down on Adam western (Batman) many times at all-male events before he began playing the Joker. No surprises that are big.

But Burt Ward had been 21 years of age, a sheltered, conservative university jock who had been not really conscious that same-sex acts exist until Adam West explained. He permitted Cesar to decrease on him when (“Huge! A Kielbasa!”), but had been never truly comfortable around homosexual individuals.

And this tale renders me with a questions that are few.

Warning there was a scene that is bisexual.

Hollyw d, Spring 1967

Phone me personally Scott. I happened to be one of the writers for the Batman show within the 1960s. We published when it comes to villains, making them as camp as you are able to. My favorites had been the ladies Catwoman; Ebony Widow; Olga, Queen regarding the Cossacks; Marsha, Queen of Diamonds, played by Caroline Jones (Morticia regarding the Addams Family). However the male villain had their charms. Quite a few were gay Cesar Romero (The Joker), Burgess Meredith (The Penguin), Victor Buono (King Tut), Liberace (Chandell). After filming we utilized to venture out towards the pubs, or to Cesar’s home for the party that is all-male. Adam western (Batman) plus one of this costume developers arrived on event, but not Burt Ward (Robin).

I undoubtedly desired a way to ensure it is with Burt. Maybe you have heard of bulge inside the tights? Well, i have seen it up close!

Everybody else stated he had been a sheltered, timid kid whom did not even understand that gay individuals existed. Even Cesar Romero struck down, and it was made by him with every man in Hollyw d.

Well, one i got my chance day.

Keep in mind all those cliffhanging scenes, utilizing the Dynamic Duo tangled up? We filmed the commencement and finish during the exact same time, to make certain continuity, meaning that they sometimes had to remain tangled up for two hours. Frequently they certainly were kept alone for a secluded phase for 20-30 mins, with absolutely nothing to do but get hit on.

A few of the girls within the team had been notorious when planning on taking that chance to kiss and fondle the helpless victims. They might also bring within their buddies to obtain a handful. We never ever saw any penis actually turn out, but there clearly was a lot of groping and tenting — i have seen both Adam and Burt fully aroused.

Okay, possibly these weren’t totally helpless — a lot of the props had been rather flimsy, so should they actually worked at it, they might escape. And, one yell would bring a phase hand running. perhaps the attention was enjoyed by them.

In a episode we filmed right before the 1967 summer time hiatus, Burt ended up being tied up alone, spreadeagle for a dining table. I stepped past throughout the staging, as always, and saw two girls working on him, 1 kissing him and no. 2 rubbing their crotch.

We walked up, said “Let a specialist show you how it really is done,” then pulled down their cock.

Burt did not protest — he was busy kissing woman dating service Durham 1. I do not think he also noticed me personally. We licked their balls, then their shaft, then drew all 8″ into my lips, sucking regarding the head while masturbating him.

He moaned, probably convinced that Girl 2 ended up being taking place on him. Then she stated “Who invited the fairy towards the celebration?”

Burt seemed up. We instantly relocated my lips away from their cock, but proceeded to masturbate him.

“Hi,” we stated. Not much else to say in that situation.

“Oh, hi.” Burt l ked over me for the long moment. I possibly couldn’t inform if he had been angry or otherwise not. “state, is it possible to get Dick a gf? [Dick Grayson, Robin’s change ego]. Fans are needs to talk.”

“Sure, buddy, no problemo.” We gone back to their cock. Woman 2 shrugged and moved up to kiss him. A few minutes later on, he spurted into my throat — enormous load! We wiped him down with my handkerchief, and managed to move on.

I attempted to help keep my word, but my “Dick’s Girlfriend is Kidnapped” concept did not make it. But used to do handle the following thing that is best The premiere episode of this third season introduced Yvonne Craig as Barbara Gordon, Batgirl!

With no, I never ever had the chance to decrease on Burt again.