I have already been needed the last 3 yrs or much much longer in regards to an online payday loan thatwas never ever applied for.

I have already been needed the last 3 yrs or much much longer in regards to an online payday loan thatwas never ever applied for.

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I have already been getting calls saying We took down that loan in with GTI holdings I never ever also heard about this business they do say We owe $But would cut me personally a deal for halfIn payments i’d like these telephone phone calls to stopHow they got all my information We’ll can’t say for sure

My grandmoth receives calls multi times each and every day and we have not provided or utilized her telephone number fpr any such thing. We call the collections Absolute telling me personally We took that loan in 2011 and they will collect off of my earning, they do not know where I live or work that I owe money now or a summons will be issued to appear in court or worse. Please assist me stop this harassment on myself and my loved ones. I actually do not need to surface in court however if I actually do GTI Holdings could be the next one out of court with this!

We have evaluated the reaction created by the company in mention of the problem ID, and discover that this quality is satisfactory in my experience

Just talked to Capital Options once once again over the expected loan who claims they cannot understand the account loan decided to go to do not have account quantity with gti holdings but i am likely to jail over that loan i did not sign up for with no one could show had been ever applied for

We am being threatened from collections of getting to jail for a financial loan that I did not sign up for and so they can not really validate a free account it went into or whenever it just happened. I have already been offered 2 various tales of where in actuality the loan had been deposited now they do say a card that is greendot green dot can not find a free account within my social. This is certainly an organization that is terrible to scam individuals.

NorthWest possibilities of Studio City is wanting to make an assortment from for a few type or kind of cash advance from GTI Holdings that I owe nothing on. They’ve threatened me personally with legal action and are demanding over $2000.00 today Will somebody from your own business contact them. Please let them know that they have to stop this.

While GTI Holdings is not any longer in operation, GTI want to try everything feasible to aid this customer with this particular grievance. GTI ended up being never ever when you look at the business of collections. Nevertheless, GTI contacted the party that is 3rd business initially in charge of the collections with this account. GTI asked for that all collections cease straight away. This demand had been accepted by outside collections and then we think this step shall resolve this matter.

We have been in receipt of the customer grievance ID redacted and wish to try everything feasible to react and help. GTI Holdings doesn’t have record of any deal with, or account fully for, the buyer filing the complaint redacted (If Ms. redacted has ever gone by some other names, please.

immediate advise in order that we could have GTI’ s accounts re-checked.) Consequently, this seems to be some form of fraudulent collection work. Finally, GTI Holdings is away from company for over 14 months and had been never experienced the continuing company of commercial collection agency. Develop this reaction resolves this problem because it pertains to GTI Holdings but please inform us how exactly we can further help

GTI is extremely concerned with these accusations and thinks highly why these claims are aided by the wrong business. GTI Holdings happens to be away from company for lendup loans loan more than 15 months, ended up being.